Bring4You Rocking Web Summit

The entrepreneurs from Bring4You had a great experience in Web Summit, the world’s most exciting technology conference. Here are several captures of some best moments.

Day 0

The great journey had set off even before the conference began. We were invited by IrishStartUpTv for a wonderful interview.

The evening was marked by a nice outing in irish pubs as an opening event. Happy to have met Balthazar from theFamily, who gave us many great advices.


Day1 was pretty busy, so many people came to our stand to get to know what Bring4You is. One of the most interesting moments is when our French friend Leboncoin came to see us. We were showing them how cool Bring4You is and were explaining to them why post office is of useless when a guy from French Post happened to pass by and interrupted us: “Hey there, I’m working at Post Office… Great idea by the way!”



Our day 2 started by a great breakfast with a British investor in a luxury hotel. Bring4You’s model greatly draws his attention and future discussion was planned.


The morning is followed by an inspiring talk of Boris Golden from Partech Ventures. Thanks for giving such a wonderful talk and great advices!

We then had a great interview with Maddyness, a magazine dedicated to French startups. The interview will soon be available.  


It was followed by a nice meeting with Blablacar, a European unicorn in sharing economy. You know what it feels like when you exchange thoughts with people who share the same vision on future and hold the same ideas on how sharing can make life easy, fun and green!


This days ends with the French Tech party in Opium, a nice Irish bar, with some nice meetings with some french startups.


Day 3

Day 3 is marked by a great meeting with the CEO of NEST. 15 minutes’ meeting was short, but was enough for people who know where the future is going. Let’s see how we can work together to build up a bright future.

Thanks for all lovely people we have met and talked with during the websummit!

Key figures:

400: minutes repeating the same thing

52: number of meetings done

4: number of TV interviews

0: number of hours chilling

Our commitment for the end of the year: find a solution for 100% of your requests!


How Bring4You was born?

How Bring4You was born?

Bring4You was named CorBuy when it was firstly conceived. The idea was to create a collaborative purchasing platform to meet the dramatically increasing needs in China for western products. The platform would have enabled people to purchase goods flexibly from different countries at the best price via travellers going that way.

However after further studies, we disappointedly realized that the market did not seem to be totally ready for this model. One door closes, another opens. Why not slightly change the idea to make a collaborative delivery platform? Indeed, this can be something more valuable, especially for young people! When Shuang and Xiwen went for their internships in another city, both had painful memories of carrying big luggage up and down stairs in the crowded Paris underground to transfer trains. Pierre-Mayeul had found an easier solution: throw everything he could, including his beloved purple trousers!

Thus, we went back to the drawing board and quickly set off on the new adventure. Several months’ hard work bear fruits: a friendly website was born. On this platform, a sender can easily ask delivery for any goods and a traveller going thatway can then offer his help and get a reward for his service, no matter he is travelling by car, train or plane.

Recently, we happily learned that our startup was selected as one of the 2000 world’s best startups to participate in the Alpha Program in Web Summit 2015, the biggest web conference on the planet, which is going to be held in Dublin from November 3rd to 5th .

If you share the same feeling and would like to support them, follow us on  Tweeter (, like us on Facebook ( and try out our website to participate in this new revolution of shaping the future delivery service!

Pierre-Mayeul, Shuang and Xiwen

Capture d’écran 2015-10-20 à 13.13.59

Bring4You, une nouvelle ère de la poste collaborative!

Bring4You, une nouvelle ère de la poste collaborative!

La startup Bring4You est prête à balayer les services de poste traditionnels en introduisant un nouveau concept: le transport de colis entre particuliers. La mise en relation entre expéditeurs et transporteurs s’effectue via la plateforme Accessible, fiable et dynamique, elle permet une parfaite autonomie des utilisateurs.

Ce nouveau service découle de deux observations sur la vie quotidienne. D’une part, l’économie collaborative est en train de changer radicalement la façon dont nous vivons et voyageons. Bon marché, simple et efficace, nous sommes des millions de consommateurs a avoir expérimenté et adopté ce nouveau mode de commerce. D’autre part, surpris par le manque de souplesse des industries de livraison, que ce soit en terme de prix ou de délai, nous constatons que les hommes voyagent aujourd’hui plus vite et plus facilement que leurs colis…

Ce déséquilibre nous a incité à introduire le modèle collaboratif dans le service de livraison traditionnel. Sur notre plateforme, un expéditeur peut maintenant préparer un envoi et un voyageur offrir son aide pour le transporter, par voiture, train ou avion. La compensation financière résultera d’un accord entre les 2 personnes.

La passion de cette aventure est partagée entre trois jeunes entrepreneurs. Pierre- Mayeul, le Président, est conseiller digital chez Google; Shuang, la Directeur Technique, est une développeuse expérimentée, et Xiwen, le Directeur d’Exploitation, est doctorant en Télécommunications.  Cette diversité de profils enrichit l’équipe de compétences et de cultures complémentaires, un atout clé dans la route vers le succès!

Vous pouvez dès à présent partager ce succès et profiter de cette révolution en découvrant notre plateforme, pour donner le coup d’envoi!

Laissez Bring4You changer votre expérience de la livraison! 

Contact :

Pierre-Mayeul de Nicolay,

A new revolution has just started!

A new revolution has just started!

Bring4You is ready to disrupt traditional delivery services. With our open, reliable and friendly peer-to-peer platform, we aim to build up a community where people’s requests to send something are accomplished by travelers going that way.

This new service stems from two observations we had on people’s daily life. On the one hand, collaborative consumption is dramatically changing the way we live and think. Cool, easy and cheap, consumers have tons of new experience when trying out new solutions. On the other hand, we are astonished by how slowly the society’s delivery industry is evolving and how painful sometimes it is to send or receive things.

These elements inspired us to introduce the collaborative model into the conservative delivery service. On our platform, a sender can now easily ask delivery for any goods and a traveler going that way can then offer his help and get a reward for his service, no matter he is traveling by car, train or plane. We have the ambition to expand this revolution worldwide after first rebellion in France and Ireland.

The passion of this adventure is shared among three young entrepreneurs. Pierre-Mayeul, the CEO, is a digital strategist at Google for startups; Shuang, the CTO, is an experienced software engineer and Xiwen, the COO, is a PhD student who has plenty of crazy ideas running in his head. We believe the team diversity in skills and culture is one of the trump cards we have to succeed.

It must be a great rendez-vous when people’s delivery needs meet travellers’ spare transportation ability! Come to our website to play around, discover our simple but lovely design, and participate in this revolution.

“Let Bring4You bring you a nice delivery experience”!


Pierre-Mayeul de Nicolay